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Esta es la ultima entrada del blog .

El profesor Cabrales nos pidio lo hicieramos y nos contaria para nuestra evaluacion , creo que ha sido de utilidad para todos , nos ayudo a esforzarnos mas en buscar informacion en ingles y ampliar nuestro vocabulario.

Logramos hacer pequeños parrafos por nuestro propio esfuerzo y calificandonos el maestro nos dimos cuenta de nuestros errores .

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Hi everybody!

I love this picture because I was with my brother Aldo , and because we do not have a lot of good pictures , and I think this is the best.

This picture was taken last summer vacation .We were near the Cathedral of Mexico City , called the Greatest Temple .This is the main religious temple of the Azteca Empire .Behind of us there is the museum , where the Goddness Coyolxauhqui sculpture "the moon" . Is the sister of Huitzilopochtli , "the sun".

After that we met a lot of places around the downtown area like : the Cathedral , Main square (Zocalo), the "Torre latinoamericana" and the Palace of Fine Arts.

This trip was amazing , I would like to go again .

Well this is all.

see you soon

kisses !!!

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Date of Birth:2 February 1977
Place of Birth: Barranquilla, Colombia
Shakira is one of the best female perfomer.I really like her, and love the fact that she is happy with her curvy figure and has not tried to change it.

Shakira is my favorite artist today. She has that special something. She is not all made up with makeup and she stays out of the tabloids.

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born on February 9, 1977, in the Colombian city of Barranquilla. Her name, Shakira, which in Arabic means "woman full of grace", comes from her ancestry. She is the daughter of a Colombian mother and a Lebanese father whose Arabic background greatly influenced his daughter.

Shakira's love and talent for music was apparent at early age when she started winning local and national talent contests at age 10. Shakira moved to Bogota to become a model, and instead emerged with a recording contract for Sony. Her debut album "Magia", released in 1991 when she was just 14, consisted entirely of self written songs. Shakira appeared on the Colombian soap opera El Oasis beginning in 1994, but returned to music the following year.

hakira is the most exciting singer songwriter to come out of Latin America in years. For the millions that already bought her albums, she is already the voice of a new generation. She is perhaps the most recognizable and certainly the most intriguing voice in Latin pop-rock music today.

He is one of my favorite singers I know their songs are a little crazy but I think they are originals , this is his biography .

Real Name: Robert Peter Maximillion Williams Birthday: 02/13/1974 Birthplace: Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK Occupation: Singer Sign: Aquarius

Was born in Stoke-On-Trent on Wednesday 13th February 1974. From a very early age the young Robbie demonstrated his star qualities, performing 'Summer Nights' from Grease on stage in Spain when only three years old.
At school, Robbie's exam scores were less than perfect, perhaps because his mind and ambition was focused on his entertainment career. He was inspired to entertain by his father who was a comedian, and though Robbie's current gift is the ability to make great music, his sense of humour is always evident in every performance and interview he gives.
Robbie's break, as everyone knows, came when he auditioned for the boyband "Take-That". In fact, Robbie and his mates hated boy bands, but he wasn't going to let that minor problem stand between him and fame. He spent five mischief packed years as part of the most successful boy band of the 90s, helping to provide great entertainment for the band's millions of fans, before the constraints of working as part of a group became too much for him.
this is the video when he was in Mexico city on the show otro rollo with adal ramones ... this video is so funny ... :)


This is about different designers and fashion of Japan.

Lately , everything new seeems to come from Japan.The most advanced technology and the most eccentric trends often start out in the country with traditions that go back over 5,00 years. Fashion is no exception , since designers like Issey Miyake,Hiroko Koshino,Tomoe Ishikawa, Ato Matsumoto ,Yuko Murata , Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi are eloquent examples of Japan's forward-looking spirit.

Ato Matsumoto

Although he started out designing strictly men's wear, he soon branched out to female apparel. His fashions have been so successful that he exports to the United States , not to mention all the shops he has throughout Japan . The theme of his latest collection is women's curves.

Tomoe Ishikawa

This young designer , known for her understated , simple, though sophisticated fashions , launched her kino brand in 1999 and has paraded her creations on the Tokyo Collection runways.

Hiroko Koshino

After 50 years of creative activity , this designer , from a long line of Kimono makers , is distinguished for closing the gap between East and West. Her Trunk line of casual wear is especially created for today's and travel.

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Disk and more disks

I found this information in one magazine AeroMexico September giving free or courtesy, this article talk about different types of discs.

Vinyl and Musical

Emile berliner came up with the idea of storing sound on vinyl disk,or what would come to be called "records", in 1887.His method took the place of the original recordered cylinders on Thomas Alva Edison's invention , the phonograph .At the outset,these vinyl disks, spinning at 78 RPMS (REVOLUCIONES POR MINUTO),were recorded on only one side , but by 1923 , recordings on both sides had become standard . Later , along came the 45 RPM record ,capable of holding the same amount of music but on a smaller disk. The 45 went on to capture the lion's share of the market in the 1960 's , when rock music became all the rage.

For Throwing

One flat round obkect, used in one of the most ancient of athletic competitions ,has retained the original Latin root: the "discus" throw.Men compete with a disk weighing two kilograms and measuring 220 mm in diameter , while female athletes loft one weighing one kilogram and measuring 181 mm . The world famous 5th-century B.C. sculpture Discobolus (The Discus Thrower), by Myron , attests to the Olympic event's longevity.

The compact Variety

Known the world over by its English initials ,Dutchman Joop Sinjou ans Toshi Tada Doi from Japan invented the CD in 1979 . The first CD's were used for marketing classical music,and it took a few years before they were affordable and popular enough to became the preferred format for all recorded music.By 1984, the CD's capacity to store 700 MB of data had also made it an integral part of the computer world.

Hard Ones

The hard disk(also known as hard drive)is where a computer's permanent information gets stored.The first one,the IBM 350 , made its appearance in 1955 , in conjuction with the IBM 305 computer .These days ,they can even be external or portable , coming in all sorts of sizes and storage capacities.


This gelatinous anatomical structure lies between the vertebrae , giving them the flexibility to twist and bend ,while also cushioning the spinal cord.Some maladies ,such as degenerative disk disease ,can deteriorate them , leading to the nervous system being affected .Modern medicine has devised surgical procedures to replace defective disks with artificial ones or human transplants.

Disco Music

The genre mixes pop sensibility with funk ,R&B, soul and a sprinkling of Latino rhythms into catchy dance music.From 1976-1979,"discotheques",otherwise known as - what else?-"discos", sprang up all over to accommodate the fevered crowds.By 1985, the phenomenon had largely subsided, though it experienced a revival in the 90s.

Writing a letter of complaint

I write this example to have more vocabulary and because i need more practice .

Dear Sir or Madam:

On July 16 my friends and I arrived at your inn hoping to spend an enjoyable weekend. Unfortunately , because of your poor service , our weekend was a disaster.Since your ad says "have a fabulous time or get your money back ," I am requesting that you refund our money .

From the moment we arrived , there were problems with the service.First , a very unfriendly desk clerk couldn't find our reservation .After waiting almost half an hour , we were led by another unfriendly clerk to our room.The room ,which had a view of parking lot instead of the bay, had not yet been cleaned , so we found dirty towels on the beds and cigarette butts in the ashtrays.Despite these problems, none of your employees apologized to us.This was not the weekend we had been looking forward to.

Service at your inn was not always like this .My previous visits were always enjoyable because of the courteous service and clean rooms with beautiful views . Until things change at your inn,I will never recommend it to anyone.I expect to receive my refund shortly.

Sincerely yours ,

Dale Thomas